To say that we’re learning a lot is an understatement. Though we both have DIY in our DNA, each new project brings new opportunities to learn something new…along with a few challenges, which we embrace. Here we’ll share some of our most unique tips, some fun little inspiration and some of our fails.

How to Add Foil to Cards (With and Without a Laminator)

With the holidays approaching and a wedding to plan, we’ve got paper crafts on our mind! In today’s tutorial, we show you how to add foil to any paper craft you’re working on–whether you want to foil a holiday card, foil a save the date or foil a wedding invitation. While foiling *is* easy once […]

How to Make a Wax Seal Stamp (Four Ways!)

We’re loving all these nostalgic trends that are coming back around, with wax seal stamps being on top of that list. And since we’re ENGAGED now and will probably be doing a few mailings over the next couple of months, we thought now was the time to explore all of the different ways to make […]

DIY Louis Vuitton Purse Organizer and Protector (Easy!)

If you’ve ever purchased a purse or tote on the nicer end of the spectrum, you’ve probably been a little worried to mess it up. That’s definitely how I felt when I treated myself to my first Louis Vuitton handbag–the LockMe Bucket. And while there are tons of bag and tote organizers / protectors available […]

Cricut Tools We Can’t Stop Reaching For

We’ve built quite the crafting collection over the years and have been incredibly fortunate to try out a number of different technologies, tools and materials. There’s no question that buying our first Cricut machine was a huge turning point in our journey as makers and crafters. Suddenly, items that we had dreamed of making were […]

How to Engrave Tumblers on a Glowforge

YES! It is totally possible to engrave tumblers on a Glowforge. You just need to find the *right* tumblers to engrave on it. Since the Glowforge does NOT have a rotary attachment, you do have to get a little creative with how you engrave tumblers on a Glowforge, but this video is proof that it […]

Think Outside the Shirt with Supacolor Transfers: Wood, Home Decor and More!

We loved the Supacolor transfers SO much after we tried them out on t-shirts that we decided to see what ELSE they would stick to. Since Supacolor transfers are a cross between a traditional heat transfer and a screen print, we weren’t quite sure what would work, but we started with the general idea of […]

NEW Options for Supacolor Transfers: Designing, Ordering and Pressing Tutorial

We are SUPA excited about today’s video. When we first heard about Supacolor transfers, we were excited to give them a try. The promise of great colors, durability and ease of use were certainly intriguing. But we had no idea at the outset how much we’d end up loving them! And with two new options […]

New 16×20 Clamshell Heat Press! TransPro Plus 1620 from Pro World

Wow! Our craft room just got a HUGE heat press upgrade. Thanks to our sponsor, Pro World, we now have the TransPro Plus 1620, a clamshell heat press with literally ALL the features you could possible want–we’re talking a large, 16×20 platen that slides out (AND is interchangeable with other sized platens), auto open feature, […]

How to Burn Designs in Wood without a Laser!

If you’re looking for that laser-engraved look on wood, but don’t have the dough for a laser, this is the tutorial for you! In this video, we’re going to show you not one, not two, but THREE different ways to burn designs into wood…without using a laser. That’s right, you can use your Cricut, StarCraft […]

We Tested 5 Ways to Sublimate on Wood. See the Results!

It was only a matter of time before our love of working with wood AND love of sublimation came together. In this next tutorial, we test five ways to sublimate on wood, including sublimating on wood with thermal laminate, polycrylic, bare paint, Subli Glaze and holographic HTV. Let’s just say that each method has its […]

Sublimating Mugs with the StarCraft Mug Press

When we first got the StarCraft 8-in-1 Swing Away Heat Press, we knew that we needed to try out allllllll of the attachments as soon as possible. Four of the eight attachments are for mugs–two straight/regular mug press cuffs, and two tapered ones. So we busted into our stock of sublimation blanks from Johnson Plastics […]

How to Get Started with the NEW Starcraft SOLO

Not too long ago, we started hearing about this new cutting machine that’s supposedly more powerful and versatile than other consumer vinyl cutters on the market: the Starcraft SOLO 16″ cutting machine. It promises a 16″ wide cutting ability, with the possibility to cut up to 72″ in length. Thanks to the awesome people at […]

We Tested Hiipoo Sublimation Paper (See the results!)

When we converted our Epson EcoTank 15000 into a sublimation printer, we installed Hiipoo Sublimation Ink in it. We also got a sneak peek at the (then) forthcoming Hiipoo Sublimation Paper. Now that the Hiipoo paper is available to purchase on Amazon, we decided to put it through the paces–testing it out across a variety […]

How to Convert an Epson EcoTank 15000 into a Sublimation Printer

Oops – we did it again! We converted yet another Epson EcoTank inkjet printer into a sublimation printer. This time, we went with the EcoTank 15000—and with good reason. It’s a wide format printer, so it can print up to 13″ x 19″, which gives us a much wider range of items we can sublimate […]

Fix a Broken Towel Rack with Toggle Bolts (No Drywall Repair) – Video Tutorial!

It’s a struggle that every homeowner likely encounters at least once: a loose, or totally broken, towel rack. The towel rack in the master bathroom had been coming loose for months before finally pulling completely away from the wall on one side. Once it fell off, it was easy to see why: whoever put this […]

10 Tips: How to Sublimate in a Convection Oven

Now that we’ve had quite a bit of practice using our new convection oven for sublimation, we’re ready to share our top 10 tips. While it may *seem* pretty straightforward, there are a lot of nuances (and opportunities to mess up) at each step. But have no fear, we break it all down for you […]

Our First Podcast Interview: Cricut, Resin, and Daniel’s “Balls”, Oh My!

Y’all! We are so excited to share that we were interviewed on the new Making, Our Way Podcast, and the episode is out now!  The hosts, Dean, Austin and Christy are super talented makers, and we were honored to be asked to join them to talk about our creative use of the Cricut in our […]

How to Convert an Epson EcoTank 2720 to a Sublimation Printer (Video Tutorial!)

We are stepping up our sublimation game BIG TIME with this project! For those who don’t know, sublimation is a process where special ink will turn to gas when heat is applied to it, infusing it into certain substrates. Both the ink and the substrate (mug, shirt, etc.) has to be designed especially for this […]

How to Make Drawer Dividers – Quick and Easy DIY (Video Tutorial!)

The one downside of owning a Cricut is how quickly your crafting supply stash multiplies. We went from having a few rolls of vinyl to play around with on some very specific projects to having every kind of vinyl and sheet material you can think of. We started off storing them in plastic bins, but […]

How to Assemble IKEA Komplement Drawers (Video Tutorial!)

If you’ve ever bought something from IKEA, you know how frustrating those instructions can be. While the IKEA Komplement drawers are usually for the Pax closet system, we used them in both our Printer Cart and soon-to-be-released Cricut Cart builds for cost and time efficiencies. We decided to do this IKEA Komplement drawer assembly tutorial […]

How to Paint a Raised Stencil (Video Tutorial!)

The makeover vision for my childhood dresser always included a subtle hint of coastal flair, but I could never quite figure out how to make it happen. There’s a fine line between chic and kitsch, especially when you’re working with coastal decor themes. I knew I wanted to add a pineapple to this dresser somehow, […]

So…I got a Cricut…

Do you ever have one of those “man, that happened fast!” moments? That’s exactly how a Cricut Maker ended up here. I went from getting a surprise gift card to buying a Cricut–a machine I had never given a second thought to–in the span of about 24 hours. It truly happened so fast that I […]

Love Our Content? Buy Us a Coffee! New Virtual Tip Jar.

When we started this crazy DIY/YouTube journey, we had no idea what to expect. All we knew is that we loved making crazy things together and wanted to share that love with the world. As creators, we pour our hearts, time and money into developing what we hope are fun and informative DIY videos. The […]

Our First Dog DIY: Dog Butt Leash Station! (Video Tutorial!)

The Just Might DIY team just grew by a few feet…four to be exact. Yep – we got a dog!!! In this video, you get to see our first dog DIY and meet Sir Roadie of Yorkshire, Destroyer of Toys (and melter of hearts)!  You can just call him Roadie though.  When Roadie came into […]

Easy Faux Marble Cabinet Handles!

When we first started mapping out the build for the Anthropologie-Inspired Cabinet, we knew we wanted to have two marble-looking handles that formed a diamond. However, the plan for how we were going to achieve that evolved as the rest of the project proved more challenging than anticipated. The original plan was to build a […]

DIY Tip: Take the Pain out of Painting

Truly, the most annoying thing about painting is the cleanup. It’s right up there with sanding as one of my least favorite, but necessary, steps when you’re DIYing. The pain of painting (and staining) is compounded when you’re faced with having to do multiple coats over multiple days to allow for dry time in between. […]

DIY Inspo: Creative Way to Gift Money

Gift giving is hard, y’all. And sometimes, the person we love and want to celebrate wants or needs one of the most uncreative presents: money.  My parents never blinked an eye when I asked for money in lieu of something more specific in the past, but my mom always lamented that she wanted to have […]

Life Hack for Messy DIYers: Protect Your Cups with Glad Press ‘N Seal

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m just a messy DIYer. I do my best to protect my home (and my clothes, skin, hair and more) from whatever my material of the moment is. I use drop cloths; designate hats, shirts and leggings as “paint clothes;” and try to remember to wear gloves.  But […]

DIY Tip: How to Clamp a Right Angle without a Right Angle Clamp

The best adage I’ve ever heard about clamps is that you always need one more than you actually have. How this mysterious situation plays out over and over again in the workshop, despite me buying more and more clamps, I have no idea.  In fact, that mystery happened just yesterday as we were working on […]

DIY Tip: Gluing Wood without Clamps

We’ve all been there: we need to glue some wood together, but for a variety of reasons, clamps just aren’t going to work.  Take the Soundboard Frame Project, for example. With 244 wood blocks, of varying heights and randomly placed, there was no way to clamp each piece or rig up a jig to use […]

DIY Fail: Resin is Hard

Let’s be honest: we love showing off the amazing things we create. But in the spirit of keeping it real, we wanted to be frank about the fact that things don’t always go our way. The laws of DIY seem to dictate that the bigger the project, the higher the chance that things will go […]

How to Make a Bold Room Design Work

I’m no stranger to bold interior design, but every new room I attempt brings new lessons about how to bring my sometimes crazy ideas to life. With that, I wanted to share four lessons I learned while pulling off what I consider to be one of the most epic beach-themed rooms I’ve seen. #1 – […]

Just Might DIY Art Hack

Life Hack: How to Get Amazing Large Art on a Budget

Expenses quickly add up when you’re trying to dress up a space. Furniture is ungodly expensive, and good art can be, too. Luckily, with a good eye, camera, and a decent printer (or coupons), you can hack your way to beautiful art for much less than you might expect. For the Master Bedroom, the splurges […]

Ikea Hack: How to Transform the Ikea Kallax for $40

There was a time where my ratio of Ikea furniture to non-Ikea furniture was close to 9-1. And there’s a good reason why: furniture is expensive as hell, and when you need to furnish a new apartment or house quickly, every dollar counts. I started buying Ikea furniture when I moved to Atlanta in 2008. […]

Just Might DIY Futon

How to Transform a Futon in 4 Easy Steps

Ah the futon – that stalwart staple of college (and early career) life. Multifunction? Yes. Masterpiece? Not usually. I’ve had my black metal frame futon since my first solo apartment in junior year of college. I won’t count the years it’s been with me, or how many apartments and houses it has graced, but I […]