To say that we’re learning a lot is an understatement. Though we both have DIY in our DNA, each new project brings new opportunities to learn something new…along with a few challenges, which we embrace. Here we’ll share some of our most unique tips, some fun little inspiration and some of our fails.

How to Paint a Raised Stencil

The makeover vision for my childhood dresser always included a subtle hint of coastal flair, but I could never quite figure out how to make it happen. There’s a fine […]

So…I got a Cricut…

Do you ever have one of those “man, that happened fast!” moments? That’s exactly how a Cricut Maker ended up here. I went from getting a surprise gift card to […]

Easy Faux Marble Cabinet Handles!

When we first started mapping out the build for the Anthropologie-Inspired Cabinet, we knew we wanted to have two marble-looking handles that formed a diamond. However, the plan for how […]

DIY Tip: Take the Pain out of Painting

Truly, the most annoying thing about painting is the cleanup. It’s right up there with sanding as one of my least favorite, but necessary, steps when you’re DIYing. The pain […]

DIY Inspo: Creative Way to Gift Money

Gift giving is hard, y’all. And sometimes, the person we love and want to celebrate wants or needs one of the most uncreative presents: money.  My parents never blinked an […]

DIY Tip: Gluing Wood without Clamps

We’ve all been there: we need to glue some wood together, but for a variety of reasons, clamps just aren’t going to work.  Take the Soundboard Frame Project, for example. […]

DIY Fail: Resin is Hard

Let’s be honest: we love showing off the amazing things we create. But in the spirit of keeping it real, we wanted to be frank about the fact that things […]

How to Make a Bold Room Design Work

I’m no stranger to bold interior design, but every new room I attempt brings new lessons about how to bring my sometimes crazy ideas to life. With that, I wanted […]

Just Might DIY Futon

How to Transform a Futon in 4 Easy Steps

Ah the futon – that stalwart staple of college (and early career) life. Multifunction? Yes. Masterpiece? Not usually. I’ve had my black metal frame futon since my first solo apartment […]