We’ve built quite the crafting collection over the years and have been incredibly fortunate to try out a number of different technologies, tools and materials. There’s no question that buying our first Cricut machine was a huge turning point in our journey as makers and crafters.

Suddenly, items that we had dreamed of making were turned into realities. And now, just over two years since we bought our Cricut Maker, it’s still one of the most reached-for items in our craft room. But it’s not alone. In realization of, and appreciation for, those tools that we reach for time and again, we wanted to share our favorite Cricut products that we are beyond happy to have in our collection.**

Note that this post contains affiliate links. You won’t pay anything additional for clicking on them, but we’ll get credit for referring you! See full disclosure at the end of this post.

Cricut Maker

It didn’t take long to completely fall in love with the Cricut Maker. We dove into others’ YouTube tutorials and learned everything we could. Soon enough, we were creating big, fun things with vinyl, paper, HTV, fabric and more.

We love the versatility of the Cricut Maker and all of the different blades it can handle. We certainly wouldn’t trade this machine for the world!

Cricut Mug Press

Oh, little Cricut Mug Press, how we absolutely adore you! To be totally honest, this was one of those things that we didn’t initially think we needed or wanted when it was first announced. We’re not in the business of selling items, and we already had tons of coffee mugs (especially with only one of us actually drinking coffee!). However, as soon as we discovered that you could use so many different types of drink ware with it, we bought a mug press that same day and have loved it ever since. The Cricut Mug Press heats up quickly and is so easy to use. Plus, isn’t it adorable?!

Cricut True Control Knife

The Cricut True Control Knife is probably the most used item in our craft room. We’ve long been fans of using an exacto-like knife rather than a paper cutter, as it’s much more precise. What first caught our eye with the Cricut True Control Knife was its thick barrel, along with the nice grip and easy-change blade system. We have loved using this knife to cut everything from paper to vinyl, masking, project board, waterslide and much more.

Cricut Weeding Tool

For most people, weeding is the least fun part of working with vinyl. However, it’s critical if you want to make awesome stuff. We’ve tried so many different ones, but the tool we keep coming back to is this awesome one with a little hook at the end. Cricut weeding tools tend to have a thick handle, which feel really good in the hand and are easy to control. Whether we’re weeding big chunks or tiny details, we don’t reach for any other tool. We did get this one in.a set, which you can check out here.

Cricut Heat Resistant Tape

It’s the first heat resistant tape we tried, and even after trying others, it’s still the one we order time and again. While some heat resistant tapes leave marks or color on your projects, the Cricut Heat Resistant Tape does neither. We use it all the time for our sublimation projects, as well as sometimes when we need some extra security on an HTV or iron-on masking/carrier sheet.

As a bonus, the Cricut tape fits into a standard tape dispenser. Check it out here.

See these Tools in Action in a Few of our Favorite Cricut Projects:

Consider Cricut Access

When we were first starting out, having access to Cricut’s HUGE library of images and projects really helped us gain confidence and learn new skills with the machine. Whether we were stretching our muscles with the Cricut Maker or finding some cute designs for mugs when we first got the Cricut Mug Press, our Cricut Access subscription was invaluable. The discounts they offer now are another great reason to consider it. Learn more about Cricut Access membership here.

Affiliate Disclosure:

We were compensated for this post. However, the opinions are our own, and we selected the featured products. This post also contains affiliate links, and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links. 

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