Testing the New Siser EasyColor DTV (Printable Vinyl)

For those who are looking for a quick and easy way to make tshirts, tote bags and more, the new Sister EasyColor DTV is an attractive option for sure. At its core, the EasyColor DTV is a printable heat transfer vinyl–no sublimation or special ink required. in fact, DTV stands for Direct To Vinyl, which […]

How to Sublimate with the Cricut Autopress | Three-Esta Welcome Sign!

When we were working on the decorations for one special three-year-old, we had the opportunity to further test if the Cricut Autopress is good at sublimation. We did a few tests when we first unboxed the Cricut Autopress, but this was a big sublimation on a hard, thicker surface, so we were excited to try […]

Two Ways to Make Holographic Stickers on a Cricut

Ready to make your own holographic stickers? It’s tons of fun and easy to do! There are two ways to be used depending on your desired outcome: printing directly on holographic sticker paper or printing on white glossy vinyl sticker paper and using a holographic laminate to enhance. Both ways produce awesome results! BIG thanks […]

Cricut Autopress vs. Traditional Heat Press Comparison

The Cricut Autopress has gotten a lot of buzz lately—some good and some not so good. One of the biggest complaints that vocal critics of the Autopress have had is that you can get a lot more/better heat press for the price. Is that true? Well, it all depends on what you want to get […]

We Bought the Cricut Autopress to Review it for YOU!

Truly, the last thing we need in this house is another heat press. But when Cricut announced that they were releasing a true clamshell heat press, we knew then that we would HAVE to check it out. There’s certainly an allure to Cricut products. Much like Apple products, they’re beautifully designed and fairly easy to […]

How to Use Siser EasySubli with an Epson EcoTank (Two Ways)

If you’re looking to learn about how to use Siser EasySubli with and Epson EcoTank printer that’s been converted for sublimation, then you’ve come to the right place! When you start your sublimation journey, you’re bound to find out that there are some extra steps you need to take to sublimate on 100% cotton shirts […]

Valentine’s DIY: Resin Conversation Hearts

Whether you LOVE Valentine’s Day or would rather see the holiday go away, we have the DIY for you! Playing off of the ubiquitous candy conversation hearts, we created these fun resin conversation hearts with both sweet and snarky sayings on them. As an added bonus, we made them magnetic, so you can stick them […]

How to Burn Designs in Wood without a Laser!

If you’re looking for that laser-engraved look on wood, but don’t have the dough for a laser, this is the tutorial for you! In this video, we’re going to show you not one, not two, but THREE different ways to burn designs into wood…without using a laser. That’s right, you can use your Cricut, StarCraft […]

Making Fleece Christmas Trees | Easy DIY Christmas Decor

It’s time to deck the halls, and we are adding another new element to our Christmas decor: fleece Christmas trees for the mantle. You could also use felt, but we love the coziness of fleece for this particular project. This is a super easy Christmas DIY–made even easier if you have a Cricut Maker (though […]

WIDEST Possible Cut on the StarCraft SOLO | Round Wood Christmas Sign

We’re all about pushing the limits here in the Just Might DIY shop. Last week, we showed that is it truly possible to do a really long print then cut with this awesome little machine. In today’s video, we test the limits of the width that it can cut. StarCraft says that this is a […]

HUGE Print then Cut with the StarCraft SOLO

When we first heard that the StarCraft SOLO–the newest vinyl cutting machine on the market–could do a ridiculously large print then cut, we KNEW we had to put that to the test. So we conjured up an excuse to put together a couple of graphics and do a nearly 4 ft tall print-then-cut holiday leaning […]

How to Put HTV on a Hat with the StarCraft Hat Press

We’ve come to the final tutorial in our series on the StarCraft 8-in-1 Swing Away Heat Press: the Hat Press! For this test, we decided to put some HTV on a hat. But first, we did a full sublimation test on fabric to find out just how much of that hat press gets full heat. […]

How to Get Started with the NEW Starcraft SOLO

Not too long ago, we started hearing about this new cutting machine that’s supposedly more powerful and versatile than other consumer vinyl cutters on the market: the Starcraft SOLO 16″ cutting machine. It promises a 16″ wide cutting ability, with the possibility to cut up to 72″ in length. Thanks to the awesome people at […]

How to Sublimate on ANY Shirt with Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

We are OBSESSED with sublimation! However, it does have some limitations when it comes to the fabrics that it can sublimate on. Ideally, you’d use a 100% polyester white shirt to sublimate on, but if you’re like us, there aren’t a whole lot of white shirt in our wardrobe for a reason. While you theoretically […]

We Got a Heat Press! Starcraft Swing Away 8-in-1 | Unboxing & Test

After resisting getting a proper heat press for nearly a year, we finally caved and have absolutely NO regrets. We’ve been using the Cricut EasyPress for all of our sublimation and HTV needs, which has worked mostly well until now. However, the more we’ve experimented with different sublimation blanks, the more we realized that we […]

Easy Fall DIY: Color Changing Vinyl on Glass

It’s officially September, and Fall is around the corner. As the leaves are about to start turning, we thought it’d be fun to do a color changing vinyl project. So we ordered some awesome color changing vinyl on Amazon, picked up some mason jars, and found some fun designs on Creative Fabrica! This was such […]

DIY Custom Dark T-Shirts – So Easy!

If you’ve been looking for the easiest way to create your own custom t-shirt, you’ve come to the right place! Hiipoo (pronounced hippo) sent us some of their new Transfer Paper for Dark Fabrics. We’ve tried other dark transfer sheets before, and we’ve honestly not been impressed. However, the Hiipoo brand dark transfer paper is […]

Peek-a-Boo Sublimation Shirt Tutorial and Materials!

As soon as JZ spotted the peek-a-boo sublimation shirt trend, she knew that we could put our own little twist on it. And that’s just what we did with this latest tutorial. We took a regular unisex black shirt and decked it out with grommets, lace up sleeves and of course, a bright peek-a-boo sublimation […]

Making Waterslide Photo Lanterns (Video Tutorial)

Having just gotten back from a trip to Turks & Caicos for JZ’s birthday, we wanted a fun way to display some of our photos. It was perfect timing, too, because Hiipoo had sent us some of their Waterslide Decal Paper to try out! The concept we landed on was to create photo lanterns. We […]

How to Sublimate a Tumbler in a Convection Oven (Video Tutorial!)

Continuing our trend of not using machines in the way they’re intended, we’re stepping up our sublimation game by using a standard convection oven to sublimate a 20oz skinny tumbler. Johnson Plastics Plus, sent us a fantastic goodie box full of sublimation blanks when we joined their influencer program, and we were SO excited that […]

Tool Tuesday – April 20 – Cricut Mug Press

To say that we’ve fallen in love with the Cricut Mug Press is an understatement. In fact, we’ve been so busy playing with it and creating new videos with it that we haven’t had time for another #ToolTuesday post until now. But there was NO doubt that the Cricut Mug Press was going to be […]

Creating Unique Gifts with the Cricut Mug Press (Video Tutorial!)

We’ve been on a kick with the Cricut Mug Press. This little machine is just so much fun to work with – it heats up quickly, is easy to use, and it generates significantly less mess than our usual DIYs – ha! Best of all, the results are just stunning. For those who don’t know, […]

How to Convert an Epson EcoTank 2720 to a Sublimation Printer (Video Tutorial!)

We are stepping up our sublimation game BIG TIME with this project! For those who don’t know, sublimation is a process where special ink will turn to gas when heat is applied to it, infusing it into certain substrates. Both the ink and the substrate (mug, shirt, etc.) has to be designed especially for this […]

How to Make Drawer Dividers – Quick and Easy DIY (Video Tutorial!)

The one downside of owning a Cricut is how quickly your crafting supply stash multiplies. We went from having a few rolls of vinyl to play around with on some very specific projects to having every kind of vinyl and sheet material you can think of. We started off storing them in plastic bins, but […]

Tool Tuesday – December 29 – Cricut Maker

We may have slacked off a little on the Tool Tuesdays this year, but we’ll just chalk it up to the perils of 2020. However, we couldn’t let the year end with out one last “Favorite Tool” post. And that honor goes to the awesome Cricut Maker.  With about 4 months or so under belt […]

Ten Tips for Flawless DIY Glitter Ornaments (Video Tutorial!)

Woof! What happens when you’re decorating for Christmas but have a rambunctious dog that likes to volley squeaky balls off his nose during a game of catch? That’s right – you keep the breakable ornaments in the bins and put only shatterproof ones on the tree. Well, it turns out that most of the ornaments here are […]

How to Paint a Raised Stencil (Video Tutorial!)

The makeover vision for my childhood dresser always included a subtle hint of coastal flair, but I could never quite figure out how to make it happen. There’s a fine line between chic and kitsch, especially when you’re working with coastal decor themes. I knew I wanted to add a pineapple to this dresser somehow, […]

How to Make a Custom Doormat | Cricut Project (Video Tutorial!)

With the pandemic still raging on, I’m spending quite a bit more time at home than usual, which is highlighting new opportunities to spruce up the place. While there aren’t many guests coming to my front door, I do open it quite a bit to pick up the deluge of Amazon packages and other deliveries. […]

Making the World Map End Table | Cricut Vinyl Project (Video Tutorial!)

I have wanted a world map end table FOR-EV-ER, but the problem has always been figuring out how to actually do it.  Originally, we were planning cut the shapes out of thin plywood, but the idea of free handing that with either a jigsaw or scroll saw was daunting. On top of that, we knew […]

So…I got a Cricut…

Do you ever have one of those “man, that happened fast!” moments? That’s exactly how a Cricut Maker ended up here. I went from getting a surprise gift card to buying a Cricut–a machine I had never given a second thought to–in the span of about 24 hours. It truly happened so fast that I […]