The one downside of owning a Cricut is how quickly your crafting supply stash multiplies. We went from having a few rolls of vinyl to play around with on some very specific projects to having every kind of vinyl and sheet material you can think of.

We started off storing them in plastic bins, but digging through a giant bin became unwieldy, especially as the stash grew. And grew. And grew.

D says that I have too many Cricut supplies, but we all know that there’s no such thing. 😉

So, when we built the Cricut Cart (video still coming soon), we decided to install some large Komplement drawers from IKEA to help us stay organized.

But those large drawers needed their own organization to make it truly effortless to find the right material. I searched for a while to find drawer organizers that were both big enough–and customizable enough to work for us but quickly realized that getting enough dividers was going to cost a pretty penny.

So instead, we set out to make our own drawer dividers–easily and as inexpensively as possible. With some foam board, cord clips and a few other tools, we were able to create custom drawer dividers in under an hour. And now, our craft drawers are perfectly organized without us having to break the bank.

See how we made these awesome drawer dividers in the video below:

🛒 Tools and Materials (most links = affiliate links):

Foam Board –
Cord Clips –
Cutting Mat –
Box Cutter –
T-Square –
Speed Square –
Measuring Tape –
Rubbing Alcohol –

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