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DIY Furniture

A Bar Cart from a Firewood Rack?! Yes, Indeed. (Video Tutorial!)

When we say that I come up with the crazy DIY ideas, and Daniel figures out how to actually make them work, this is what we mean. The Back Story […]

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We Made a Resin Ocean Coffee Table—From SCRATCH! (Video)

What do you do if you LOVE the ocean but don’t live by the beach? You bring the ocean to your living room!  JZ broke the last coffee table in […]

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DIY Inspo: Creative Way to Gift Money

Gift giving is hard, y’all. And sometimes, the person we love and want to celebrate wants or needs one of the most uncreative presents: money.  My parents never blinked an […]

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Life Hack for Messy DIYers: Protect Your Cups with Glad Press ‘N Seal

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m just a messy DIYer. I do my best to protect my home (and my clothes, skin, hair and more) from whatever my […]

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DIY Tip: How to Clamp a Right Angle without a Right Angle Clamp

The best adage I’ve ever heard about clamps is that you always need one more than you actually have. How this mysterious situation plays out over and over again in […]

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The Soundboard Frame Tutorial is HERE! (Video)

Have you ever wondered how to frame a canvas painting? We faced that very question when we bought a beautiful piece of canvas art from Jamaica. After googling for ideas […]

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We Launched a YouTube Channel!

Somewhere in between our first attempt at making the Soundboard Frame and bouncing around ideas for a super cool coffee table, we had a crazy idea: let’s document our projects […]