It’s been a little longer than usual between our #ToolTuesday posts, thanks to all the COVID-19/Coronavirus/quarantine craziness. But we were SO stoked to pick up a couple of new toys for the shop before the madness and extreme social distancing set in. 

So for this week’s Tool of the Week, Daniel picked our awesome new Metabo Pneumatic Nail Gun. Thanks to American Millwork, our project sponsor for the Built-In Bookcases, we added this powerful tool to our collection. And man, was it handy!

After a quick conversation with D’s dad (a carpenter himself), we picked this one over similar models for its ability to shoot 16 gauge nails, rather than 18 gauge. While still a finishing nailer, the larger nails were better for shooting through hardwood. And since it was our most poplar project ever, this was a perfect match. 

It was super easy to load and use, had a great depth adjustment, air duster, and worked flawlessly for our built-in bookcases. It came with a nice hard case and safety glasses (which you should ALWAYS wear when using this tool – ear protection also recommended)

Check out the video below to see the build!

Shop this Pneumatic Nail Gun:

We bought this at Lowe’s, but we couldn’t find the link on their site at this time. Good news is that you can shop it on Amazon! 

Metabo HPT Finish Nailer, 16 Gauge, Finish Nails – 1-Inch up to 2-1/2-Inch, Integrated Air Duster (NT65M2S)
(affiliate link)


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  • Links above are Amazon Affiliate links, which enables us to earn a commission when you purchase something.

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