Years ago when I first created the writing room of my dreams (aka home office), I came up with the crazy idea to make a giant typewriter keyboard on one of the walls. I fondly remember my dad clack clack clacking away on his typewriters when I was growing up, and he had just given me one of his from his youth.

The typewriter wall was the first project I started in this home office design….and the last one I finished, despite this room taking over a month to complete. I struggled BIG TIME with it, as I had never used resin before. I eventually ran out of lids and resigned myself to living with a few mistakes. 

However, my lack of resin knowledge became even more apparent over the years–I had used two different kinds of resin, and some of the keys yellowed significantly with the afternoon sun that room gets.

But we’re turning lemons into lemonade and taking the opportunity to redo the typewriter keyboard wall—and do a how-to video to show you how we did it! I can say the process went much smoother this time since we have more resin experience under our belts. It was so much easier this time and turned out beautifully!

Check out the Video Below to See How We Did It!

🛒 Tools and Materials

(affiliate links):

Half gallon paint can lids, unlined (see note below for acquiring these)
Black scrapbook paper (or thick cardstock):
3” Self Stick vinyl letters:
2” Self Stick vinyl letters:
1” Self Stick vinyl letters: 
Circle cutter:
Self healing cutting mat:
Spray sealant:
Spray adhesive:
Pro Marine Resin:
Command picture hanging strips:
Bernzomatic Torch: +
Mixing Cups:
Mixing Sticks:
Plastic drop cloths:
Spare cardboard (for measuring guide)

A note on acquiring the half gallon pain can lids: The website I originally ordered these from years ago (The Cary Company) didn’t have a minimum purchase. However, now they require that you spend at least $100 to place an order. We bit the bullet and did a big order and now have more than enough extra half gallon lids for a few full keyboards. So if you’d like to create a typewriter keyboard wall this size and want to buy some lids from us, we’ll sell a set to you. Use the contact form to discuss quantity and pricing (we’re not looking to make a profit – just don’t need a bunch of paint can lids lying around – ha!). 

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