In my new abode, the office space is actually quite sprawling—leaving lots of room for creativity. Because it is upstairs, though, I still do have the challenge of mostly-slanted walls, which turned out to be as much blessing as a curse. 

When I first moved in, I had my HUGE Ikea desk, Futon and two awkwardly tall and slim book cases. Three good early purchases were a makeup table (as I used this space for getting ready in mornings), a round hanging bookshelf and replacement desk, both from one of my favorite places to get good furniture at a decent price: World Market. However, these few purchases weren’t enough to take this space to the level I wanted. 

My vision was to create an inspiring space that was bold and brought my love of writing to life in an overt way. 

The early decisions in this room were fairly simple. I knew I wanted a chalkboard wall—because those are awesome, and this was going to be a writing room. The futon needed to stay, as this space has to be able to act as a back-up guest room, and I didn’t want to purchase a daybed. Those awkward bookcases had to go. I wanted to feature my prize possession: my dad’s old typewriter. And finally, this room needed a lot more light.

For colors, I needed to continue the teal in this space, as it is a connecting element throughout my house, and I wanted to use black paint somehow as well. Because this is a writing room, I wanted it to be highly graphic and high-contrast, so I landed on black, white and aqua as my main colors, with pops of red for added flare.

For this room, the major project buckets were:

  • Make curtains
  • Re-imagine the futon
  • Replace bookcases
  • Create a typewriter keyboard wall (video tutorial!)
  • Find a showcase stand/desk/table for typewriter
  • Find a rug to tie space together
  • Redo the hexagon chair
  • Make a “writer’s block” ottoman/sitting stool
  • Upgrade the lighting / replace fan

To say that I am over the moon with the final product would be an understatement. 

Check out the picture gallery below!

Let us know if you want to learn more about how we did any of the above projects, and we’ll do a post on them!


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