It’s been said that a tool is anything that helps you get the job done. So today, instead of going with a traditional hand or power tool, my (JZ’s) pick is these amazing little bottles, which we used in a soon-to-be-shown project. 😉 

Waste is an unfortunate side effect of DIYing: you always end up with extra scraps of paper, fabric or wood, dirty plastic cups and utensils used for mixing, and so much more depending on the project. Being the eco-conscious person I am, I absolutely HATE throwing away the extra tidbits and try to reuse whatever I can, as often as I can.

And this week, we’ve been working on a big sola wood flower project, where we’ve been dip dying the flowers in watered-down craft paint. While the process is quick, easy and produces beautiful results on coloring the flowers, you end up with cups FULL of watery paint. Rather than throw this paint away (which is terrible for the environment, I ordered a big ole pack of these bottles so I can keep the paint water to reuse in the future. 

I searched around for a while to find the right set, and these fit the bill on so many fronts. A pack of 12, these amazing little bottles also came with their own funnel and reusable labels. At four ounces, they were just big enough to hold what I typically have leftover, and they still fit neatly inside my paint storage bins (because an organized life is a happy life). 

The next time I’m ready to dip dye some sola wood flowers, I can just pull these bottles out, shake them up and be ready to go! Of course, they have tons of other uses than watery paint. 😉 They can be used for tie dying, gluing and so much more. Do yourself a favor, and have some of these on hand for the next time you DIY.

Check out these awesome little reusable bottles on Amazon:

Belinlen 12 Pack 4-Ounce Plastic Squeeze Bottles
(affiliate link)


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Happy #ToolTuesday! 

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