Let’s be honest: we love showing off the amazing things we create. But in the spirit of keeping it real, we wanted to be frank about the fact that things don’t always go our way.

The laws of DIY seem to dictate that the bigger the project, the higher the chance that things will go wrong. And that’s okay. Learning a new skill or new craft isn’t easy, but the journey is usually worth it in the end. 

Typically, we wait until we nail a project and then do a big reveal, but we’re doing things a little differently with this post. 

Today we share some recent DIY fails: our first several attempts at creating a resin ocean seascape. 

If you search “ocean resin art” on YouTube, the videos make it seem easy enough. I personally thought we’d just need a couple of practice runs before attempting the ultimate project: a resin ocean coffee table. We watched SO many different videos before our first attempt and were fairly confident going in.

Not. even. close. 

Resin is hard, y’all. 

We’re over two weeks into our tests at the time of this writing, and we’re still nowhere near feeling confident enough to tackle the coffee table. The good news is that we’re learning. And we’re going to keep practicing until we get it right. 

For now, enjoy these awesome fails:

The “too much blowtorch” look.
The “try, try again” look that looks like a hurricane is moving in.
The “we tried to correct a bad pour and failed even worse” look
The “migrating front wave” that thinned itself beyond visibility.
The “tsunami on the beach” look.
Here’s our best attempt so far. D is much better at this than I am. For now. 😉

Do YOU have any not-quite success stories? If so, share them below!


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