From framing a canvas with nearly 250 wood blocks to making some stunning sola wood flower arrangements, we’ve had SO much fun adding amazing little accents around the house.

Making Waterslide Photo Lanterns (Video Tutorial)

Having just gotten back from a trip to Turks & Caicos for JZ’s birthday, we wanted a fun way to display some of our photos. It was perfect timing, too, because Hiipoo had sent us some of their Waterslide Decal Paper to try out! The concept we landed on was to create photo lanterns. We […]

How to Fix a Broken Ceramic Planter

Unlike our parents, we live in a world of disposable things. We as people overall are more apt to throw out broken items and go buy new ones, rather than trying to fix them. As avid DIYers, D and I are still prone to this behavior, but when on of our nicer planters broke clean […]

Ten Tips for Flawless DIY Glitter Ornaments (Video Tutorial!)

Woof! What happens when you’re decorating for Christmas but have a rambunctious dog that likes to volley squeaky balls off his nose during a game of catch? That’s right – you keep the breakable ornaments in the bins and put only shatterproof ones on the tree. Well, it turns out that most of the ornaments here are […]

Easy Holiday DIY: How to Make a Cement Snowman! (Video Tutorial!)

Not sure about you, but we’ve been itching like crazy for Christmas to get here soon. Maybe it’s because the sooner Christmas gets here, the sooner this BANANAS year can be over. Or maybe because holiday joy is just what we all need after this long, hard year. Either way, we have the holiday DIY […]

How to Make a Custom Doormat | Cricut Project (Video Tutorial!)

With the pandemic still raging on, I’m spending quite a bit more time at home than usual, which is highlighting new opportunities to spruce up the place. While there aren’t many guests coming to my front door, I do open it quite a bit to pick up the deluge of Amazon packages and other deliveries. […]

Make Window Monsters – Easy Halloween DIY (Video Tutorial!)

October officially kicks off the spooky season (though TBH it feels like this whole year has been one big spooky season). Nevertheless, this is the fun kind of spooky. What better way to get ready for Halloween than an easy, fun Halloween DIY that you can probably do with materials you have around the house?! […]

How to Hang a Plant from the Ceiling (Video Tutorial!)

Putting a hook in the ceiling was one of the first DIYs I did, and I’m sure it’s that way for a lot of you as well. Greening up a space with indoor plants is ALL the rage these days, so we thought we’d do a quick and easy tutorial on how to hang a […]

Making the Resin Ocean Mirrored Tray (Real Time Resin Pour Video Tutorial!)

We are SO excited to bring you all this video. Ever since we published our Ocean Resin Coffee Table video, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about specific techniques, etc. in making a resin ocean. And the fact is that most resin ocean videos are sped up (like our coffee table video) because the process […]

Sew Awesome: How to Make Outdoor Pillows (Video Tutorial!)

We LOVE the outdoors. Which means that Spring and Summer are the seasons for us! And if you’ve learned anything from this blog, hopefully you know how much I (JZ) love to decorate with bright, fun colors. So when it was time to replace the lounge cushions around the pool, that meant that new pillows […]

Maker Collab! Origami Display Build-Off (video)

Y’all! We are so excited to share that we’ve just completed our first Maker Collab AND Build-Off on YouTube!  Richard and Jennifer from Poor Man’s DIY challenged a few makers to make an origami crane (using their instructional video as a guide) and then everyone had to make a display case for the the crane […]

How to Make a Typewriter Keyboard Wall (Video Tutorial!)

Years ago when I first created the writing room of my dreams (aka home office), I came up with the crazy idea to make a giant typewriter keyboard on one of the walls. I fondly remember my dad clack clack clacking away on his typewriters when I was growing up, and he had just given […]

Making Grommet Curtains is Easier than I Thought (how to)

I’m no master of the sewing machine. I know enough to lay down some stitches on some basic home decor items like curtains and pillows. I’ve attempted (and succeeded on!) the occasional zipper install, costume and purse, but mostly I just hope to get things to the right measurements.  Between the two actual houses I’ve […]

How to Make Christmas Trees from Pallets (Video Tutorial!)

Forget decking the halls–we’re decking the YARD with some awesome outdoor decorations made from pallets. That’s right: we upcycled some old pallets that have been hanging around since this summer and turned them into the merriest and brightest Christmas trees. And we show you how we did it on our Just Might DIY YouTube channel! […]

Make a Sola Flower Arrangement & Rope-Wrapped Vase (Video Tutorial!)

With as much as we LOVE having fresh flowers around the house, keeping our vases filled year-round can get expensive, and cleaning up as they drop their petals has just added one more to-do to an already full list. Though neither of us have never been huge fans of traditional fake flowers, we found something […]

The ULTIMATE Christmas DIY: Cutting Down Your Own Tree (and the tool to take with you)

Three years ago, I was finally able to get a live Christmas tree having artificial ones throughout my adult life (starting with the amazing 3 ft metallic tree I had in college). Don’t get me wrong – there are some fun artificial trees, and there’s nothing wrong with having one. However, I grew up with a […]

DIY Soundboard Frame for Canvas Art

Y’ALL! We finally finished the biggest project we’ve tackled together. And we are smitten. We proudly present the Soundboard Frame for the canvas painting we picked this summer in Jamaica: This beautiful painting came home with us all rolled up. We stretched it, built this amazing frame and mounted it—all by ourselves. We’ll do a […]

Just Might DIY Art Hack

Life Hack: How to Get Amazing Large Art on a Budget

Expenses quickly add up when you’re trying to dress up a space. Furniture is ungodly expensive, and good art can be, too. Luckily, with a good eye, camera, and a decent printer (or coupons), you can hack your way to beautiful art for much less than you might expect. For the Master Bedroom, the splurges […]