To be honest, we never had dogs in crates when I was growing up. But after learning about all the benefits of crate training and how much some dogs like their crates, I was open to the idea. Since we knew we’d be adopting a dog rather than raising one from a mere pup, we agreed that if the dog was crate trained when we got him, we’d continue with the crate. 

Welp, Roadie was not only crate trained when we got him, but it turns out that he LOVES his crate. He’ll go in there during the day to just chill – it’s like his own little room. This makes sense, as dogs are den animals. After nearly a year of having a beach towel covering his crate, D and I decided it was time for an upgrade.

So, I busted out the sewing machine, grabbed some fabric and made an easy crate cover with a coordinating fuzzy crate pad. 

See how we made it in the video below:

🛒 Tools and Materials (most links = affiliate links):

(Amazon links = Affiliate Links)

Fabric for crate cover (we used approximately 2 yards)
Fabric for crate pad
Ribbon (optional)
Sewing machine –
Iron/Mini Press –
Thread –
Self-healing cutting mat –
Rotary fabric cutter –
Measuring tape –
Fabric shears/scissors –
Yard stick –
Double fold bias tape –
Poly fill for crate pad –
Straight pins –
Fabric clips –
Heat & Bond –

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If you prefer written instructions…

If you prefer to follow along step-by-step with written instructions and images, we have you covered! Check out this project on Instructables via the link below:

Cozy Up Your Dog’s Crate With a Crate Cover + Fuzzy Mattress!

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