Woof! DIY Plywood Pattern Dog Bowl Holder (Video Tutorial!)

While Roadie may not be as tall as most dogs, we still wanted to raise his bowls up just a bit to make eating and drinking a bit more comfortable. Enter, the Plywood Pattern Dog Bowl Stand.  Designed to lift the bowls off the ground to give dogs a better eating and drinking position, dog […]

Making an Outdoor Dog Bed and Pup Up Tent (Video Tutorial!)

Summer is coming!!! As we’re both outdoorsy people, we were beyond excited to learn that Roadie loves being outside as much as we do. But when those summer temps and southern sun really ramp up, we all need some shade from time to time. That’s exactly why we decided to build Roadie his own little […]

Oh My Dog! DIY MCM Dog Bed for Roadie! (Video Tutorial!)

Yep! It’s another dog DIY for us. This time, we’re making a super groovy dog bed so Roadie can have a place to chill in JZ’s office when she’s working. This was *supposed* to be for the living room, so we made it to fit a dog mattress we already had; however, things changed and […]

Our First Dog DIY: Dog Butt Leash Station! (Video Tutorial!)

The Just Might DIY team just grew by a few feet…four to be exact. Yep – we got a dog!!! In this video, you get to see our first dog DIY and meet Sir Roadie of Yorkshire, Destroyer of Toys (and melter of hearts)!  You can just call him Roadie though.  When Roadie came into […]