Summer is coming!!! As we’re both outdoorsy people, we were beyond excited to learn that Roadie loves being outside as much as we do. But when those summer temps and southern sun really ramp up, we all need some shade from time to time.

That’s exactly why we decided to build Roadie his own little outdoor oasis on the patio–complete with an outdoor dog bed and portable pup up tent. This coordinating duo was fun–and rather easy–to build. Best of all, Roadie loves it!

Check out the video below to see how we made it!

 🛒 Tools and Materials:

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1×6 Poplar for the outsides

1×2 poplar for the rails, slats and tent

2×2 poplar for the legs 

5/8″ dowels

1″ dowel scrap for the caps

Fabric (we used an old shower curtain)

Ribbon (we actually used an old PJ drawstring)

Dog mattress

Stain (we used Flagstone) –

Spray paint (we used Midnight) –

Spar Urethane –

Miter saw –

Random orbital sander –

Pneumatic nail gun – 

Air compressor –

Drill –

Sandpaper –

Forstner bit –

Wide painter’s tape –

Wood glue –

Super glue –

Measuring tape –

Pencil –

Wood filler – 

Paint supplies –

Yard stick –

Cutting mat – 

Rotary cutter –

Straight pins –

Sewing machine –

Thread –

Fabric tape –

Fray Check –

If you like written instructions…

If you prefer to follow along with written instructions and pictures, check out our Instructable:

Outdoor Dog Bed and Portable Tent

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