Truth be told, I’d never even heard of a forstner bit before we started on this crazy DIY/YouTube journey. But it’s crazy how often we have had to drill perfectly sized holes over the last few months. Whether it was to make a jig for the Firewood Rack Bar Cart, drill out some flat-bottomed holes for the dowel caps in the Pup Up Tent or drill holes for the bolts in the Cable Spool Pallet Bench, we’ve reached for this awesome little Ryobi Forstner Bit Set often. 

Technically, a forstner bit should be used when you need to drill flat-bottomed hole (not all the way through). Spade, or paddle, bits and hole saws are the “proper” bits to use for drilling all the way through wood.

However, the best tool for the job is the one you have, and we decided to use forstner bits for both flat bottomed holes AND through-and-through holes for a couple of reasons:

First, a forstner bit is going to give you a much cleaner hole than, say, a spade/paddle bit. Second, we’re all about getting as much use out of our purchases as possible, and having the option to either drill a clean hole straight through or a flat bottomed one made the forstner bit set a better investment than the alternatives. 

We’ve been quite pleased with the Ryobi Forstner Bit set. It has a wide enough range of sizes that we haven’t had to do a one-off bit purchase yet. And they’ve held up quite well with a lot of uses on multiple types of wood. 

Check out the Ryobi Forstner Bit Set on Amazon:

Ryobi A9FS8R1 8-Piece X-Wing Forstner Bit Set for Woodworking
(affiliate link)

See it in action: Outdoor Dog Bed + Pup Up Tent Build

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