Just Might DIY is what happens when two do-it-yourselfers get together and decide to have a little fun. 

So hi – we’re JZ and Daniel—a couple of young adults who like to make things. JZ’s wild ideas and Daniel’s ingenuity combine into amazingly creative projects that turn this space we share into a bold, colorful and fun place to be. 

From JZJZ - Just Might DIY: I’m happiest when I’m creating. A writer by trade, my love of making things started young, with a mom who is great at art and was always coming up with new projects and a dad whose tool collection still gives me envy until this day.

I got my love of bright, bold colors from mom and my love of working with tools from my dad. It’s a dangerously awesome combination that has led me to continue creating throughout my life.

Buying a house a few years ago gave me a great canvas on which to create, and just when I think I’m close to being done, another project opportunity presents itself.

Now with Daniel’s amazingness in my life, we’re knocking out that list and finding all new ones to add.  


From Daniel: JZ said I need to tell you guys about me. I’m about 6’3, about 180 pounds. And I’m about to be driven crazy because I’d rather be playing in the shop than writing. That’s her deal. I’m a man of few words. So JZ will now tell you about me.

From JZ about Daniel: He’s really good at figuring stuff out. That’s why I keep him around. Well, one of the many reasons. He’s also about 6’3”, and girls are supposed to like tall dudes. In all seriousness, he is amazing at working in the shop.

His dad is a carpenter, his mom was a jet engine mechanic, his oldest brother was an Apache mechanic, and his other brother worked construction, so making things is kinda in his blood.

He has a mind that can figure out the most complicated build, and he’s just plain awesome. He’s also the best big spoon. #tmi

So follow along with us as we take on some pretty crazy DIY projects.