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Tool of the Week – #ToolTuesday – November 12

It’s been said that a tool is anything that helps you get the job done. So today, instead of going with a traditional hand or power tool, my (JZ’s) pick […]

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Tool of the Week – #ToolTuesday – November 5

Daniel’s pick for today’s #ToolTuesday is the Mighty Air Compressor. He says it’s a versatile tool that can be used not only to power pneumatic tools around the shop, but […]

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How to Make a Bold Room Design Work

I’m no stranger to bold interior design, but every new room I attempt brings new lessons about how to bring my sometimes crazy ideas to life. With that, I wanted […]

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How to Make a Surfboard Headboard

As my guest room redesign was nearing completion, I thought I had found all the perfect everythings–lights, bedding, pillows, art, etc. But as I was putting it all together, I […]

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Be Bold: Office Redesign

In my new abode, the office space is actually quite sprawling—leaving lots of room for creativity. Because it is upstairs, though, I still do have the challenge of mostly-slanted walls, […]