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How to Build the Ultimate Built-in Bookcases (Video Tutorial!)

For years, I’ve had this awkward little nook in the master bedroom that just never felt finished…or usable. I tried my hardest to fill it out with the big Ikea Kallax unit I’ve had forever and dress it up with some DIY grommet curtains and a custom bench cushion. However, it never lived up to […]

Be Bold: Office Redesign

In my new abode, the office space is actually quite sprawling—leaving lots of room for creativity. Because it is upstairs, though, I still do have the challenge of mostly-slanted walls, which turned out to be as much blessing as a curse.  When I first moved in, I had my HUGE Ikea desk, Futon and two […]

How to Make a Bold Room Design Work

I’m no stranger to bold interior design, but every new room I attempt brings new lessons about how to bring my sometimes crazy ideas to life. With that, I wanted to share four lessons I learned while pulling off what I consider to be one of the most epic beach-themed rooms I’ve seen. #1 – […]

How to Arrange Pillows on a Full Size Bed - Just Might DIY

How to Arrange Pillows on a Full-Sized Bed

Throw pillows are by far my favorite home decor accessory. They’re versatile, relatively inexpensive (if you know where to buy) and can be scaled up or down, depending on your style. Personally, I’m a “the more the merrier” type when it comes to pillows, particularly on beds and couches. But when I had my first […]

Just Might DIY Art Hack

Life Hack: How to Get Amazing Large Art on a Budget

Expenses quickly add up when you’re trying to dress up a space. Furniture is ungodly expensive, and good art can be, too. Luckily, with a good eye, camera, and a decent printer (or coupons), you can hack your way to beautiful art for much less than you might expect. For the Master Bedroom, the splurges […]

Master Bedroom Redesign: Kick Off

Why is it that the room we use the most is the last one to get a good design treatment? While it’s not in terrible shape as-is, it certainly isn’t quite where we want it to be (and it’s definitely not on the level of the other rooms in the house. When I first moved […]

Just Might DIY Futon

How to Transform a Futon in 4 Easy Steps

Ah the futon – that stalwart staple of college (and early career) life. Multifunction? Yes. Masterpiece? Not usually. I’ve had my black metal frame futon since my first solo apartment in junior year of college. I won’t count the years it’s been with me, or how many apartments and houses it has graced, but I […]

Caribbean-Inspired Guest Room Redesign by JZ

Being in the ocean is damn near a spiritual experience for me—and that’s not hyperbole. I never feel more intimately connected to the world and simultaneously so infinitely a small part of it than when I immerse myself in the deep blue.  However, I have grown deep roots in a city that does not give […]