Why is it that the room we use the most is the last one to get a good design treatment? While it’s not in terrible shape as-is, it certainly isn’t quite where we want it to be (and it’s definitely not on the level of the other rooms in the house.

When I first moved in, I pretty much stopped at getting the bedding together and hanging art on the walls. It’s looked good enoughfor the last two years, but I’m ready for more. Other rooms I’ve done in the house (office, guest room) are centered on an explicit theme. But for this room, I want the theme to be less overt.

Loosely, it will be tied around travel—a passion we share for sure. We’ll feature photos and souvenirs, but nothing in-your-face like putting “adventure” in huge letters across the wall (if that’s your thing, no judgement).

The project got started started with with the need to put up some curtains on the three windows in this room, and well…that has snowballed into a long list of projects that we’re super excited about.

For starters, here are the projects we’ll be taking on, along with a few “current state” photos for your viewing pleasure.


Most of these projects we’ll do ourselves, but some may require professional help (like the chair). We’ll update with links to the posts as we complete the projects. Stay tuned! 

Current State (AKA “Before”) Pictures:


    • Nice! Let us know how those baseboards go – we haven’t tackled anything like that yet.

      I went through a BIG home decor run in the first couple of years, but the inspiration just hadn’t hit for the Master until recently. Hopefully we get it all done. 🙂

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