Is there anything like the feeling of successfully making your own furniture?! We think not. My (JZ’s) first ever furniture build was a Surfboard Headboard for my guest room, and the builds have only gotten better ever since…especially with Daniel at my side. Together, we have done some crazy builds…including a Resin Ocean Coffee Table and a Bar Cart made from a firewood rack.

Check out the posts below to see how we made them!

Making the Faux Card Catalog Printer Cabinet (Video Tutorial!)

Dream, meet realized. For as long as I’ve been decorating my living spaces, I have wanted a card catalog. That desire got stronger when I created my writing-themed office a few years ago. However, the real card catalogs are quite expensive, and the storage in them honestly sucks for the amount of space they take […]

How to Assemble IKEA Komplement Drawers (Video Tutorial!)

If you’ve ever bought something from IKEA, you know how frustrating those instructions can be. While the IKEA Komplement drawers are usually for the Pax closet system, we used them in both our Printer Cart and soon-to-be-released Cricut Cart builds for cost and time efficiencies. We decided to do this IKEA Komplement drawer assembly tutorial […]

How to Make a Printer Cart | Plywood + IKEA Hack (Video Tutorial!)

Remember how we told you about that gigantic Canon color laser printer we bought? Well, we finally got around to making an amazing printer stand for it–and other things. That’s right, we built our very own rolling printer cart WITH storage. Between both of us having full time jobs and a pup to tend to, […]

Woof! DIY Plywood Pattern Dog Bowl Holder (Video Tutorial!)

While Roadie may not be as tall as most dogs, we still wanted to raise his bowls up just a bit to make eating and drinking a bit more comfortable. Enter, the Plywood Pattern Dog Bowl Stand.  Designed to lift the bowls off the ground to give dogs a better eating and drinking position, dog […]

Making the World Map End Table | Cricut Vinyl Project (Video Tutorial!)

I have wanted a world map end table FOR-EV-ER, but the problem has always been figuring out how to actually do it.  Originally, we were planning cut the shapes out of thin plywood, but the idea of free handing that with either a jigsaw or scroll saw was daunting. On top of that, we knew […]

Making the Cable Spool Ottoman with Storage (Video Tutorial!)

Remember when we built the Cable Spool Pallet Bench? Well, we finally got around to making the companion piece out of the rest of the spool – the Cable Spool Ottoman with Storage! Made from the core of the spool, this ottoman means we can truly kick up our feet and revel in the fact […]

Making a Cable Spool Pallet Bench (Video Tutorial!)

Leave it to a DIYer to get excited about seeing a giant cable spool left on the side of the road. When I (JZ) first spied it on my way to the grocery store in early March, the wheels in my head started turning. With each passing week, I’d check to see if it was […]

Making an Outdoor Dog Bed and Pup Up Tent (Video Tutorial!)

Summer is coming!!! As we’re both outdoorsy people, we were beyond excited to learn that Roadie loves being outside as much as we do. But when those summer temps and southern sun really ramp up, we all need some shade from time to time. That’s exactly why we decided to build Roadie his own little […]

Oh My Dog! DIY MCM Dog Bed for Roadie! (Video Tutorial!)

Yep! It’s another dog DIY for us. This time, we’re making a super groovy dog bed so Roadie can have a place to chill in JZ’s office when she’s working. This was *supposed* to be for the living room, so we made it to fit a dog mattress we already had; however, things changed and […]

How to Build the Ultimate Built-in Bookcases (Video Tutorial!)

For years, I’ve had this awkward little nook in the master bedroom that just never felt finished…or usable. I tried my hardest to fill it out with the big Ikea Kallax unit I’ve had forever and dress it up with some DIY grommet curtains and a custom bench cushion. However, it never lived up to […]

Easy DIY: Make a Bench Cushion! (Video Tutorial!)

We’re a couple of weeks into social distancing and finally finding some time to DIY our way through this pandemonium. Truly, making things and staying somewhat busy is what’s going to keep us sane. For this project, we made a custom bench cushion in under an hour using very few materials and tools. So if […]

DIY Porthole Table – Flea Market Flip! (Video Tutorial!)

Full disclosure: we’ve been obsessively watching Flea Market Flip and wanted to go on our own little adventure to uncover treasures we could turn into something cool. On an adventurous day (long before this virus hit the U.S.), we set out on a road trip to some of the best flea markets around. Ultimately, we […]

Anthropologie Inspired Cabinet: Our Most Complex Furniture Flip Yet! (Video Tutorial!)

We’ve lamented about our love of family furniture transformations in the past, but this project just might take the cake on the most-epic-makeover-ever scale. When I (JZ) inherited my late grandmother’s 1970’s MCM shelf, I started googling for inspiration on what we do with it. Originally, it had some glass doors up top and an […]

A Bar Cart from a Firewood Rack?! Yes, Indeed. (Video Tutorial!)

When we say that I come up with the crazy DIY ideas, and Daniel figures out how to actually make them work, this is what we mean. The Back Story I have wanted better wine and liquor storage ever since I moved into this house. But not being able to find a wine rack that […]

We Upcycled a 70’s Record Cabinet (Video Tutorial!)

There’s a certain charm that older furniture brings to a space, and it’s even more special when that furniture belonged to someone you love. I have a few family pieces around the house—from my parent’s old nightstands to mom’s antique desk, which she used as a vanity. I can still remember watching her sit at […]

We Made a Resin Ocean Coffee Table—From SCRATCH! (Video Tutorial!)

What do you do if you LOVE the ocean but don’t live by the beach? You bring the ocean to your living room!  JZ broke the last coffee table in an epic DIY fail several months ago (tip: never iron on a glass surface), so that gave us the perfect opportunity to make something new. […]

The Soundboard Frame Tutorial is HERE! (Video Tutorial!)

Have you ever wondered how to frame a canvas painting? We faced that very question when we bought a beautiful piece of canvas art from Jamaica. After googling for ideas and realizing how expensive it would be to pay for a custom framing job (because these dimensions were NOWHERE NEAR standard), we decided to make […]

How to Make a Surfboard Headboard

As my guest room redesign was nearing completion, I thought I had found all the perfect everythings–lights, bedding, pillows, art, etc. But as I was putting it all together, I felt in my bones that something was missing. It wasn’t until I jolted awake one morning a few days later that I realized: I needed […]

Ikea Hack: How to Transform the Ikea Kallax for $40

There was a time where my ratio of Ikea furniture to non-Ikea furniture was close to 9-1. And there’s a good reason why: furniture is expensive as hell, and when you need to furnish a new apartment or house quickly, every dollar counts. I started buying Ikea furniture when I moved to Atlanta in 2008. […]