There’s a certain charm that older furniture brings to a space, and it’s even more special when that furniture belonged to someone you love. I have a few family pieces around the house—from my parent’s old nightstands to mom’s antique desk, which she used as a vanity. I can still remember watching her sit at that desk and do her makeup and hair. 

A few years ago, I was fortunate beyond measure for her to give me two crazy amazing pieces: her record console and record cabinet. These pieces brought the perfect amount of warmth to my almost-too-modern living room. I’ve wanted to redo the record cabinet for years, as it was a little worse for wear after 50 years, but I was so worried about ruining it that I held off…until now. 

Inspired by a Coffee Challenge on Instructables, Daniel and I went to work applying wood veneer to the outside (so we could keep the bones of the piece intact), creating chevron doors and staining the whole thing with coffee. And now, we can’t stop staring at it. 

This was our first time working with wood veneer, so it was an experience, indeed. And, I had no idea that Daniel had no idea what a Chevron pattern was. Ha! 

Luckily, the whole thing is documented in our latest video tutorial on our YouTube channel:

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🛒 TOOLS AND MATERIALS (all links = affiliate links):

Old record table
Coffee grains (dark roast)
Paper towels
Screwdrivers –
Drill –
Circular saw –
Random orbital sander –
Wood veneer –
Steel wool –
White vinegar –
Paint brushes –
Heat gun –
Wide mouth mason jars –
Painter’s tape –
Black marker –
Aluminum foil –
Rolling pin –
Utility knife –
Speed square –
Measuring tape –
Ruler –
Sandpaper –
Polyurethane –
Wire Brush –

If you prefer written instructions, check out the Instructable now! 

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If you’d prefer to follow along with written instructions, we have you covered!

Check out our 70s Record Cabinet Upcycle With Coffee Stain and Chevron Doors Instructable!

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Turn a 70s Record Cabinet into a modern piece that you won't stop staring at! Easy DIY with wood veneer and stain from Just Might DIY.


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