Y’ALL! It’s my (JZ’s) turn to make the #ToolTuesday pick, and this week’s tool is giving my previous favorite a SERIOUS run for most loved tool. 

It can cut wood! It can cut metal! It can sand! All in the most fiercely compact and lightweight body of pretty much any tool I own. 

It’s the Dewalt Oscillating Multi Tool – the tool you don’t realize you need, but once you have it, you keep reaching for it. (affiliate link)

I bought this on Black Friday last year, thinking that I’d be working on a drywall project in the near future. (Ha! That one’s a little more boring, so it’s still waiting).

But when we started working on the most recent project – the Firewood Rack Bar Cart (post coming soon) – we reached for this tool over and over and over and over again. 

It’s like the Swiss Army Knifes of tools. We used it to cut the metal on the wine rack, cross cuts in dowels, sheered off lengths of threaded rod, and so much more. We seriously couldn’t have made the bar cart without it, and that’s why it’s my pick for tool of the week. 

You can order this amazing little beast of a tool on Amazon:

DEWALT Oscillating Tool Kit, Corded, 3-Amp, 29 Pieces (DWE315K)
(affiliate link)

And check out the video to see it in action! 

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