The Just Might DIY team just grew by a few feet…four to be exact. Yep – we got a dog!!! In this video, you get to see our first dog DIY and meet Sir Roadie of Yorkshire, Destroyer of Toys (and melter of hearts)!  You can just call him Roadie though. 

When Roadie came into our lives, he also came with the need for tons of new stuff that didn’t quite have a place in the house. Things like leashes, treat bags for training, a harness and more. The stack of dog stuff kept moving from one counter to the next, then got draped over chairs, and we never could remember where we put what and when.

With some plywood and fun, dog butt hooks from Ikea, we nipped the clutter issue right in the doggie butt.

Watch How We Made It!


(Amazon links = affiliate links):

Dog butt hooks (Ikea) 
Circular saw –
Random orbital sander –
Miter saw –
Black stain –
Tung oil –
Wood glue –
Super glue  –
Measuring tape –
Pencil –
Drill –
Hammer –
Drywall anchors and screws –
Yard stick –
Level –
Sawtooth picture hangers –

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