Forget decking the halls–we’re decking the YARD with some awesome outdoor decorations made from pallets. That’s right: we upcycled some old pallets that have been hanging around since this summer and turned them into the merriest and brightest Christmas trees. And we show you how we did it on our Just Might DIY YouTube channel!

Check out the video below to see how we made these awesome pallet Christmas Trees:

Aside from breaking down the pallets, this project is pretty straightforward. And honestly, unless you have some pallets lying around that you’d like to turn into something new, it’d be super easy to pick up some wood from your local hardware store and just cut out the hardest part of this project. πŸ˜‰

πŸ›’ Tools and Materials

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Wood glue:
Super glue:
Outdoor screws:
Spray paint:
Wood stain:
Hack saw:
Miter saw:
Orbital sander:
Speed square:
Drill Driver:
Impact Driver:
Measuring tape:
Letters: (Hobby Lobby – non affiliate link)

If you’d prefer to follow along with written instructions, we have you covered!

Check out our Christmas Trees From Pallet Wood | Holiday DIY Instructable!

If you’d like to save this project for later, pin the image below!

Holiday DIY - Make Christmas Trees from Pallet Wood

Have you made any fun outdoor decorations? Drop a link to your post down below!


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