Somewhere in between our first attempt at making the Soundboard Frame and bouncing around ideas for a super cool coffee table, we had a crazy idea: let’s document our projects on YouTube!

The Back Story (by JZ)

It was that point in the Summer, around late July, where I start dreaming up my list of Fall/Winter projects so I can have something to look forward to after closing my pool for the season. I was hanging in the pool (of course), googling ideas for a new coffee table, and I kept ending up on YouTube watching resin pouring videos. Reveling in the high that can only come from so much sun, it hit me: D and I could do this!

After talking over a couple of beers (for him) and a glass or two of wine (for me), we decided to give it a go. If nothing else, the channel would be something we could build together…while we built stuff together.

Check Out Our Channel

So check out our shiny new channel trailer below and head over to our Just Might DIY channel on YouTube. If you’re the subscribing type, we’d appreciate the love. Please and thank you. 🙂

Do any of you have a YouTube channel? If so, drop your link below!

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