I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m just a messy DIYer. I do my best to protect my home (and my clothes, skin, hair and more) from whatever my material of the moment is. I use drop cloths; designate hats, shirts and leggings as “paint clothes;” and try to remember to wear gloves. 

But even still, I’ve gotten paint in my hair more times than I can count, pigmented resin on my tile floor, super glue on my fingers, spray paint all over me, and way, way more. If there’s a possibility of getting whatever material I’m using on me or my things, I will. 

So when I started using those amazing, but expensive, double-wall insulated steel cups and water bottles (like Yetis, HydroFlasks and the still-pricey knockoffs), I was determined to not ruin them with paint and resin and glue.

At first, I tried to keep a clean paper towel wrapped around them, but that was more of a headache than a help. The paper towels wouldn’t stay put, and I kept needing a clean paper towel to wipe my hands – ha!

In a moment of what I believe to be sheer genius before a recent resin project, I grabbed the roll of Glad Press ‘N Seal and went to town wrapping up my tumbler.

It worked like a charm! 

The Press ‘N Seal protects the entire tumbler, stays put until you pull it off, and it leaves no sticky residue behind.

I’ll call that a win win win. 

Now, I won’t start a potentially messy project without first wrapping up my tumblers. 

If you need to stock up on some Press ‘N Seal, you can find it on Amazon:

Glad Press ‘n Seal Wrap (2-Pack, Total 140 sq. ft.)
(affiliate link)

Do you have any cool tips for protecting your stuff? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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