If you’ve ever needed to drill or drive a screw in a tight spot, this week’s #ToolTuesday pick is for you. 

Daniel’s pick is for #ToolTuesday is the Dewalt Right Angle Attachment (affiliate link)

We discovered this upon the need to drill near a corner without cutting corners. The body of the Dewalt Impact Driver was too large to allow us to pre-drill a straight hole for screws. 

But this handy attachment allows access to a drill point that power drills normally can’t get too. With a long shaft and 90 degree turn for the head, the Dewalt Max Fit Right Angle Attachment hooks up easily to an impact driver and accepts standard impact bits. 

D says that it was a little wonky to control at first, but practice makes perfect. It served the purpose and helped us pre-drill holes to attach some rails on our next project. 

We ended up grabbing this mid-build during an emergency Home Depot run, but we think it’s handy enough to buy in advance. 

Normally, we wouldn’t recommend buying tools in advance, just because. But this is one of those that you don’t know you’ll need it until you’re right smack in the middle of a project pickle. Plus, since it’s not too expensive, it’s worth making the purchase now—or when you buy your first impact driver. 

And the good news is that it’s available on Amazon:

DEWALT Right Angle Drill Adapter DWARA050
(affiliate link)

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