We may have slacked off a little on the Tool Tuesdays this year, but we’ll just chalk it up to the perils of 2020. However, we couldn’t let the year end with out one last “Favorite Tool” post. And that honor goes to the awesome Cricut Maker. 

With about 4 months or so under belt with the Cricut Maker, and I can say that it has proved to be one of the most versatile tools in our arsenal. 

Purchased on a whim with the goals of cutting wood and putting vinyl on wood, I got immediately sucked into all the other capabilities that I hadn’t even thought I would be into. I blame/credit the Cricut Facebook groups for that. Ha! 

While the wood cutting capabilities are seriously lacking, the Cricut Maker can do so much more. And once you see everything that this amazing machine can do, you want to try it, too. 

Stencils for custom doormats? You betcha. Glitter Ornaments with vinyl decals? Yes please! Iron-on vinyl on wood? Oh yeah. Sublimation with infusible Ink? Swoon. Perfect cuts of fabric? You had me at hello. 

We’ll do a full, in-depth review on the Maker once we’ve tried out some of the other capabilities like engraving and debossing. But for now, we’ve tried out enough that we’re confident in making it our final Tool Tuesday pick for 2020. 

Check it out on Amazon via the link below: 

Cricut Maker, Champagne
(affiliate link)

And here are a few of our favorite Cricut Maker projects:

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