We’ve all been there: we need to glue some wood together, but for a variety of reasons, clamps just aren’t going to work. 

Take the Soundboard Frame Project, for example.

With 244 wood blocks, of varying heights and randomly placed, there was no way to clamp each piece or rig up a jig to use standard clamps.

Or when making a sign with wood letters, and we didn’t want the clamps to mess up the paint on the wood.

Or when we (read: JZ) broke one of the soon-to-be-shown Pallet Christmas Tree tops. 

Let’s just say that we do a lot of wood gluing in the shop.

We scoured the internet and found an amazing little DIY trick used by many in the maker community that we want to share with you today: the super glue / wood glue combination. 

The basic idea behind this combo is that the super glue will provide an immediate clamp, as it cures faster, but the addition of the wood glue (which typically takes overnight to cure), provides more overall strength. 

Before we go further, you may be wondering why not just use super glue if it will bond to the wood (which it certainly will). Essentially, wood glue, which is a polyvinyl acitate glue, is much stronger than super glue (a cyanoacrylate glue). 

When we use this combo, we typically lay a strip of the wood glue down first, typically in the middle of what we’re gluing down, then we put super glue on the top and bottom of the wood glue strip. 

As we place the wood together, we firmly press for 10 second to let the super glue set. And that’s it! 

Our favorite glues for this combo are both made my Gorrilla and can be found on Amazon:

Gorilla Wood Glue, 18 ounce Bottle
(affiliate link)

Gorilla Super Glue 15 Gram, Clear
(affiliate link)

What do you use when you’re trying to secure wood and can’t use clamps? Let us know in the comments below.

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