When we first started mapping out the build for the Anthropologie-Inspired Cabinet, we knew we wanted to have two marble-looking handles that formed a diamond. However, the plan for how we were going to achieve that evolved as the rest of the project proved more challenging than anticipated.

The original plan was to build a resin mold and do a deep resin pour, making the marble pattern with different colors of resin. But we wanted a simpler way.

After some creative brainstorming, we came up what has to be the easiest way to achieve this look: print off a marble pattern on photo paper, adhere it to some wood and top it with a clear resin flood pour.

With only about 50% confidence that it would work, we gave it a go. And they turned out BEAUTIFULLY (if we may say so ourselves).

There really are only four steps to this process:

  1. Print off a marble pattern onto photo paper
  2. Cut it to size for your handles
  3. Adhere photo to handles using spray adhesive.
  4. Pour a flood coat of clear resin over it.

Full Instructions

For the full instructions, including how we cut the handles, head on over to our Instructable on this project: Anthropologie-Inspired Cabinet From a Worn Out Display Shelf.

If you have a login for Instructables, we’d love if you could vote for our project in the Trash to Treasure contest. You can click the Vote button at the bottom of the page. Please and thank you!

Alternatively, you can watch the full build in our YouTube video below.

Happy DIYing!

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