Y’all! We are so excited to share that we were interviewed on the new Making, Our Way Podcast, and the episode is out now! 

The hosts, Dean, Austin and Christy are super talented makers, and we were honored to be asked to join them to talk about our creative use of the Cricut in our DIY projects, our resin ocean coffee table, and more. Daniel’s “balls” also came up, so if you want to know what that’s about, you should definitely give it a listen:

Why we love the Making, Our Way Podcast

We really love the format Dean, Austin and Christy chose for their podcast. They spend the first part talking about what they’ve been up to, second part interviewing guests, and then wrap up with the all-important topic of safety.

What sets this podcast apart is their focus on specific projects and the creative process around them with their guests. Plus, Dean, Austin and Christy have good chemistry together and are really great people all around.

The Making, Our Way Podcast is available on all the major podcast players, so pick your favorite and give it listen! Here a link to it on Spotify if you don’t have a fave player.   

Meet the Hosts:


Austin is a full-time maker who specializes in custom pens. Before that, he was a pro surfboard builder for 16 years. Now his focus is content creation and mostly metal work on YouTube.


High Caliber Craftsman


Christy is a Southwest Missouri woodworker who started making projects a few years ago.

She likes making and learning about projects with a story.


Twisted Twine Woodworking


Dean is a hobby maker in Houston, Texas.

He’s always enjoyed the challenges that come with new projects and learning along the way.


Dean Duplantis

And if you want to check out some of our projects discussed in the podcast:

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