Truly, the most annoying thing about painting is the cleanup. It’s right up there with sanding as one of my least favorite, but necessary, steps when you’re DIYing.

The pain of painting (and staining) is compounded when you’re faced with having to do multiple coats over multiple days to allow for dry time in between. I literally used to dread painting a room or furniture, even though I knew I’d love the end result.

All of that changed when I discovered a way to keep the paint in the tray–and the brushes and rollers–wet in between coats. And that magic is made possible by none other than my favorite household item: Glad Press ‘N Seal.

Yep! Just wrap up your brushes, rollers and paint tray when you’re done with whatever your painting, and everything will be ready to use the next day. Sometimes I wrap up the brushes individually, and other times I just leave them in the paint tray and seal it all up together.

It really is that simple.

Ever since I figured this out, I haven’t dreaded painting. One cleanup session at the end is 10x better than cleaning up every night, making the joy of completing a new project that much sweeter.

Happy DIYing!

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