It’s a struggle that every homeowner likely encounters at least once: a loose, or totally broken, towel rack. The towel rack in the master bathroom had been coming loose for months before finally pulling completely away from the wall on one side. Once it fell off, it was easy to see why: whoever put this towel rack up used the WORLD’S LARGEST DRYWALL ANCHORS.

There was essentially a giant figure 8 missing from the drywall. Dreading the need for drywall repair, we put this one off until we finally figured out an easy way to repair the towel rack without repairing the drywall and/or moving the towel rack. Meet: toggle bolts.

Toggle bolts are essentially bolts with a spring-loaded V for the nut that provides traction against the inside of the wall. Best of all, these puppies are SUPER easy to use, and they only require a screwdriver to install.

See How Easy it is to Fix a Broken Towel Rack with Toggle Bolts:

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Toggle bolts:

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If you prefer written instructions…

If you’re the type who likes to follow along with written instructions + images, we have you covered!

Check out our Instructable on this project via the link below:

Fix a Broken Towel Rack in 10 Minutes or Less

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