Annnnnd it’s time for our second #ToolTuesday post! Each week, we’re going to highlight a tool that we love. JZ kicked us off last week, and now, it’s Daniel’s turn.

His pick: the trusty Level.

Yep, simple, but oh-so-functional–and more importantly, necessary to have around the house whether you do much DIYing or not.

Levels can be used for everything from ensuring your art and photographs are hung straight to checking that curtain rod you just put up and so much more. As DIYers, we break out one of our many levels on nearly every project. 

If you’re not a big DIYer, a simple level like the one below will do (this one has the bonus of including a laser, and it’s pretty inexpensive at the time of this writing):

If you hang a lot of art, we highly recommend a laser level with crosshairs like this one:

Huepar Cross Line Laser – DIY Self-Leveling Green Beam Horizontal and Vertical Line Laser Level with 100 Ft Visibility, Bright Laser with Magnetic Pivoting Base and Laser Target -9011G
(affiliate link)

And if you do larger scale projects, you should consider adding a large level to your collection, which also can double as a straight edge.  Something like this:

Black & Decker BDSL10 36-Inch Gecko Grip Level with Accu Mark
(affiliate link)


  1. This post reminds me of a level my husband was given by his mom. He used it to install our kitchen up north. Every time he would do something I would tell him it was off centered and wrong. Then he get out his mother’s old level she gifted him and show me the level said I was wrong…okay.

    I laughed, we both laughed and then one month he ended up getting another level that was newer. When he took it up north to check everything he did in the kitchen he was so disappointed to see that the level his mom had given him was indeed broken and off. Our kitchen in one area is a little lop sided like a boat. Good levels are so important. We tossed that other one.


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