There’s a reason you haven’t seen me (JZ) using the jigsaw in any of our videos lately: I hated the one that I had. It always felt unstable and unwieldy, and it jumped on me once during the Firewood Rack Bar Cart build. I haven’t picked it up since.

If I remember correctly, it was a pawn shop or thrift store find that was left here. D had no issues using it, but I don’t like having tools in my shop that I’m afraid to use.

So, as a combination of my birthday present to myself and work-i-versary “points” that I turned into a gift card, I picked up a couple of awesome new tools, including the 7.2 amp Bosch Jigsaw.

I read tons of reviews on jigsaws before I landed on this one. Normally, these reviews lead me to purchase something by Dewalt, but all of the lists I found had the Bosch 7.2 at the top. I was excited to branch out in tool brands, and placed the order.

I can say with 100% confidence that this is now one of my favorite tools in the shop (second only to my beloved compound sliding miter saw). This Bosch jigsaw cuts like butter, has an awesome work light and dust management. In fact, it was so. smooth at first that it took a little getting used to after my last hellacious jigsaw experience.

D agrees with this assessment – he got to give it a go when we built the Cable Spool Ottoman, and it came in way more handy than we intended. See the video below to see what we mean. 😉

If you’re in the market for a jigsaw, you should totally add this one to your consideration set. But make sure you follow all the appropriate safety protocols and such.

Shop the Bosch 7.2 amp jigsaw on Amazon:

Bosch Power Tools Jigsaw Kit – JS572EK – 7.2 Amp Corded Variable Speed Top-Handle Jig Saw Kit with Assorted Blades and Carrying Case
(affiliate link)

Check out the Cable Spool Pallet Ottoman build below!


  • Use these tools at your own risk. We accept no responsibility for any injury that results from your use of any tools on this site. 
  • Links above are Amazon Affiliate links, which enables us to earn a commission when you purchase something.

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