When we first envisioned building the Cable Spool Pallet Bench, we didn’t take into account how much sanding we’d be in for. We actually busted out ALL of our power sanders (belt sander, detail sander, and random orbital sander), as well as did quite a bit of hand sanding. 

However, the unique details of the cable spool required an additional sanding purchase: a Sanding Drum Kit. 

The exposed holes in the cable spool sides, as well as the giant track in the middle, were all pretty rough to begin with. And since we wanted to ensure a smooth finish that wouldn’t scratch people when they sat in, or brushed against, the bench, we procured some bits to help us sand inside all of the nooks and crannies. 

This sanding drum kit is decent. It’s not top of the line by any means, but it’s a good budget option. It took a bit to figure out the right drill speed and which way to move the drill. At first, the sand paper kept falling off the drum, but once we learned that faster is better for this kit, we were able to sand without more issues. 

Check out this Sanding Drum Kit on Amazon:

Hiltex 10342 Sanding Drum Kit for Woodworking, 26 Pieces | Assorted Sleeves and Rubber Drum
(affiliate link)

And if you haven’t already, watch us build the Cable Spool Pallet Bench:

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