Now that the holiday madness has fully subsided, we’re back to making things in a BIG way. This week’s #ToolTuesday post has come in most handy on our next project, making it easy for me (JZ) to pick for this week’s feature:

Dewalt Folding Sawhorses with Adjustable Metal Legs (Amazon affiliate link)

As the variety of projects we work on expands, so does the need for additional tools. And it didn’t take long for me to realize that we sorely needed some sawhorses in the shop. 

We’ve skirted by so far by clamping some things to our workbench, and sometimes, balancing boards on the retaining wall next to the driveway, but you can imagine how well that worked out. So when my dad was looking for Christmas ideas for me, these had to be top of the list.

Originally, I was eyeing some sawhorses that had legs that folded into the tops so they could store even more compactly—as storage has quickly become an issue in the garage. But, his wisdom led me to these, and I couldn’t be happier with the choice. 

A few key features of the Dewalt Folding Sawhorses are:

  • Easily adjustable metal legs, so you can quickly raise or lower them. 
  • Quality combo of metal and plastic in all the right places—metal for stability and heavy duty plastic where your saw might come into contact (i.e. the top)
  • V on the top, so you can easily clamp and cut round objects
  • Slots for 2x4s to fit on each end
  • Relatively lightweight and collapsible, so they store easily
  • Super sturdy with a 2500 lb load capacity

We put these sawhorses to the test this past weekend, and they worked like a dream. We used them to cut a round object, and then threw a board on top when we needed to do some more messy sanding outside. 

Check out these amazing saw horses on Amazon:

Dewalt DWST11031 Adjustable Metal Legs Sawhorse
(affiliate link)

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