Time flies when you’re having fun—or when you’re trying to learn how to make a resin seascape—which has been exactly our challenge this past week. We’ve tried, but not quite succeeded, many times (though the hope is that we’re getting better). 

Nevertheless, this week of resin practice brings us today’s #ToolTuesday pick, courtesy of JZ: the SEEKONE 1800W Heavy Duty Heat Gun (affiliate link to Amazon). 

Shaped like a hair dryer but way hotter and more dangerous, a heat gun has many uses outside of working with resin. You can use a heat gun to do things like shrink wrapping, stripping paint, drying out damp wood, bending or welding plastic, softening adhesives, and even thawing pipes that have frozen over. 

I did a ton of research before landing on which one to buy on Amazon, and I chose the SEEKONE Heat Gun because it was the perfect combination of price and functionality. This awesome little tool has a range of heat settings (from 122℉~1202℉), integrated stand, two speeds, and came with a few different nozzles that make directing the heat a breeze (no pun intended). 

The only thing that could make this great heat gun better is if it came with a tutorial on how to make realistic looking ocean waves.

SEEKONE Heat Gun 1800W Heavy Duty
(affiliate link)


    • Use these tools at your own risk. We accept no responsibility for any injury that results from your use of any tools on this site. 
    • Links above are Amazon Affiliate links, which enables us to earn a commission when you purchase something.

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