Is there anything like the feeling of successfully making your own furniture?! We think not. My (JZ’s) first ever furniture build was a Surfboard Headboard for my guest room, and the builds have only gotten better ever since…especially with Daniel at my side. Together, we have done some crazy builds…including a Resin Ocean Coffee Table and a Bar Cart made from a firewood rack.

Check out the posts below to see how we made them!

We Upcycled a 70’s Record Cabinet (Video!)

There’s a certain charm that older furniture brings to a space, and it’s even more special when that furniture belonged to someone you love. I have a few family pieces […]

The Soundboard Frame Tutorial is HERE! (Video)

Have you ever wondered how to frame a canvas painting? We faced that very question when we bought a beautiful piece of canvas art from Jamaica. After googling for ideas […]

How to Make a Surfboard Headboard

As my guest room redesign was nearing completion, I thought I had found all the perfect everythings–lights, bedding, pillows, art, etc. But as I was putting it all together, I […]