Remember how we told you about that gigantic Canon color laser printer we bought? Well, we finally got around to making an amazing printer stand for it–and other things. That’s right, we built our very own rolling printer cart WITH storage.

Between both of us having full time jobs and a pup to tend to, we wanted to build this as efficiently as possible. We knew we wanted to have drawers for storage, as well as a sliding tray to hold the Epson EcoTank printer that we’ll soon be converting to a sublimation printer. However. we also knew that building two drawers and a sliding tray was going to add at least a week onto our build. So we took what we’re kinda calling the “Rachel Ray” approach to woodworking. 😉

Remembering the awesome hidden trays we added to the Resin Ocean Coffee Table, we knew our first stop would be the IKEA website to see what they had.

We did this first, as we knew that the dimensions of whatever they offered would ultimately determine at least the width and depth of our printer cart.

Luckily, they had an option in the Komplement series that was just right. We bought two IKEA drawers, one Komplement tray, one sheet of plywood and a few other odds and ends and got to it!

Check out the video below to see how we built this rolling printer cart:

🛒 Tools and Materials (all links = affiliate links):

(Amazon links = Affiliate Links)
Birch Plywood
Latex paint
Table or circular saw –
Random orbital sander –
Miter saw –
Wood glue –
Measuring tape –
Pencil –
Drill –
Paint supplies –
Nail gun –
Air compressor –
Speed square –
T-Square –
Clamps –
Wood filler –
Ikea Komplement Drawers –
Ikea Komplement Tray –

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